YouTube! Everyone knows about this name. It is one of the largest and most popular video platform websites in the world of internet. Have millions of videos, which users can watch. Users can watch, download, share, and upload the content they want. There are many advanced settings like privacy, casting YouTube, reminder, etc., most of the users don’t know. Here you’ll know about some advanced YouTube settings and guidelines for using them.

How to use YouTube’ reminder

If you have an addiction to using YouTube, spend most of the time on it then the feature is useful for you. You can use the features to keep you away from using it too much. With the feature, you can set the time to watch videos, after your chosen time the app will remind you to take a break. Here is how to use set the reminder on YouTube.

1. Open the ‘YouTube’ app on your Android.

2. Tap on your ‘Profile’ icon.

3. Open ‘Settings’ from the account page.

4. Tap ‘General’ at the top of the settings page.

5. Tap on ‘Remind to take a break.’

6. Select the time to remind you to take a break.

You can select the reminder time from 15 minutes to 180 minutes. When you reach the time limit you set, a pop-up will appear on your screen to take a break.

How to change the privacy settings (For channel)

If you have a YouTube channel then with the privacy settings you can choose the audience for your content. Here is how to update privacy settings.

1. Open the ‘YouTube’ app and sign in with your account.

2. Open ‘Library.’

3. Go to ‘My videos.’

4. Find the video you want to update the privacy settings.

5. Tap ‘More’ button of the video.

6. Tap ‘Edit’.

7. Open the dropdown menu of Privacy.

8. Select ‘Private/Public, or Unlisted’.

9. Save your settings.

On Computer:

1. Go to YouTube Studio beta.

2. Sign in with your account.

3. Click ‘Videos’ on the left menu.

4. Select the video you want to update the privacy settings.

5. Click the ‘Pencil’ icon.

6. Go to visibility section.

7. Select ‘Private/Public, or Unlisted’.

8. Save your settings.

Update the privacy settings and control where and who can watch it.

How to open the advanced channel settings option

To get the advanced settings option for your YouTube channel, follow the steps.

1. Open ‘YouTube.’

2. Sign in with your YouTube channel account.

3. Click on your ‘Channel’ icon.

4. Select ‘Creator Studio.’

5. Click ‘Channel’ at the left menu.

6. Click on ‘Advanced.’

That’s it! The advanced setting is on your screen. Check the settings of your channel and customize as you want.

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Source : How to do advanced settings in YouTube on Android